About Konigstone Brand

The management team have been involved in importing & selecting quartz since 1990's, and have worked closely with suppliers to solve technical issues as well as to develop new colours.
In 2006 we launched our own brand of Quartz materials with partners across the EU & Asia, and since then have worked closely with our suppliers to provide a carefully considered range of colours. that has over the years expanded and evolved to suit the market and are constantly upgrading and adding to suit moving trends.

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It is important to know the people we deal with and that they share our core values

So we have travelled extensively to develop trust and dependability by personal visits and one to one contact. This way we know the capabilities and ethics of our suppliers rather than relying on hearsay. We have spent years developing relationships with strong companies who share our vision and understand the quality we expect.

This is why we can assure you that the quality of our Konigstone product is the best available.

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We wanted to create a brand that represented excellent quality at competitive prices.

To buy from sources that respect the environment and industry employing good practice, modern techniques and investment in their workers.

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