KönigCeramic perfectly marries the extraordinary designs of nature with the practicality of a high-quality technical porcelain slab.

The attention to detail in the manufacturing process results in material characteristics that make KönigCeramic an excellent choice for a variety of internal and external applications such as; Kitchen countertops, bathroom coverings, Outdoor Kitchens and external cladding or paving.

Carefully sourced natural materials are compacted to a high density and fired to a temperature of over 1200°C, giving these surfaces extremely high heat and scratch resistance. This makes KönigCeramic an excellent choice for busy kitchens where users don’t necessarily want to be reaching for the heat trivets and chopping boards.

KönigCeramic’s raw materials are 100% natural resulting in high anti-UV properties. The colours will not fade over time like other engineered materials making it a superb choice for external cladding and other outdoor areas.

KönigCeramic is backed by a 25-year Warranty, guaranteeing the owner of the installed surface against defects in materials or manufacturing processes.
Full details can be found on the Königstone website.